Solutions for Energy Industry Finance

Energy industry is the basic and the dominant industry of national economy.CMBFL, focusing on the stratagem development direction of the energy industry, provides fruitful and comprehensive financial solutions for clients of energy industry.CMBFL adheres to be the leading participant in the energy financial leasing industry.

The network of CMBFL in relation to the energy business spreads all over the country. CMBFL has established comprehensive cooperation with 5 leading power groups and also leading mining companies. CMBFL provides thoughtful financial solutions for large, medium and small companies of energy industry of different types. CMBFL has made in-depth development in the whole industrial chain, including the mining of raw materials, equipment manufacturing, raw material utilization, energy conversion, energy transportation and usage of energy, etc., and has established a new benchmark in the energy finance.

CMBFL has treated new energy industry as an important target in its future business so as to promote the full development of China’s new energy industry by providing innovative financial solutions. Currently, CMBFL has launched and explored business in the new energy industry, and has made breakthrough in the field of wind power, solar energy, waste generation and photovoltaic power generation.

Promoting positive interaction between the energy industry and the finance

industry is one of the strategic objectives of CMBFL. CMBFL will devote itself to improve the adjustment and updating to structure of the energy industry. CMBFL will actively participate in the development of energy industry by offering innovative financial products, establishing depth inter-action between the energy and finance industry so as to achieve a win-win solution in the development of energy industry and the innovation of finance.