Solutions for Shipping Finance

In response to the state policy requirements of promoting the shipping industry and relying on the strong background and the deep accumulation of shipping finance business of the shareholders of CMB, CMBFL, with international outlook and marketization operation, provides financial solutions for shipping clients for their need in their strategic development. CMBFL is committed to being a trusted and reliable long-term financing partner and asset manager of domestic and foreign ship owners.

After years of continuous exploration in the shipping industry, CMBFL has successfully established a significant brand in the ship financing leasing field which has a strong influence in China. CMBFL now owns nearly 100 vessels of various types with the bulk tonnage at about 3,000,000 MT, and the balance of shipping assets is about RMB 10 billion. The types of ship include commercial ships for transportation of cargo, over-water construction ships, marine engineering ships and other special vessels.

CMBFL has established a sound financial service system for shipping financial services, including providing financial leasing, structured products, the overall financial plan, shipping assets management, management for new project investment and financing. With an excellent portfolio and a complete set of shipping financial service system where the offshore and domestic business interacted efficiently, CMBFL has successfully cultivated a large number of high-quality shipping finance clients.

As a rapid-growing Chinese financial institution, CMBFL is seeking to expand the international shipping market. CMBFL will improve the development of shipping industry globally by providing professional financial leasing programs and comprehensive financial services