Solutions for Public Utility, Culture ...

The rise or fall of a country is subject to the support of the people. CMBFL treats the promotion of “popularity winning” as their burden. Beginning with the Public Utility, Culture and Tourism which closely connects to livelihood and right of the citizens, relying on professional integrated financial solutions, CMBFL fully supports the concept of “Big Health”, “Big Green”, “Big Logistics” and “Big Culture” to promote the overall improvement of people’s material life and spiritual living standards.

CMBFL actively expands its business in all areas of public utilities. In the area of urban water and gas supply, CMBFL has established close cooperation with more than 30 excellent enterprises of 20 cities to improve theservice quality of local public utilities. In the area of public transportation, CMBFL endeavors to promote the development of the passenger transport of city light rails, metros, buses, taxi, coaches and railway so as to injectstrong impetus into the overall acceleration of China overall public transit. In the field of logistics, CMBFL provides specialized financial leasing services for warehousing, transportation, distribution and others related to the logistics.

When assisting all areas of public urban utilities in completing its facilities, CMBFL is also committed to promoting the prosperous development of cultural tourism, culture and communication, education and other sectors by providing financial solutions for tourist attractions, media groups, sports groups, school infrastructure, asset management and other financial services operations, and CMBFL has successfully completed a large number of advanced and featured cultural projects.

Keep a moderate pace, act in the interest of the people and benefit the whole community, CMBFL will closely follow the country’s policy of focusing on people’s lives, protecting people’s safety and promoting their happiness and will also continue to explore the new business area in relation to the daily lives of the citizen, provide abundant financial leasing solutions, enhance the overall service standard and to cooperate with the society for the purpose of realizing the happy and harmonious “China Dream”.