Solutions for Environment Finance

Solutions for Environment Finance is a finance leasing solution put forwarded by CMBFL focusing on the industry of energy-saving and environmental protection for the purpose of protecting the ecological environment, controlling environmental pollution and promoting green economic. CMBFL accelerates the upgrading of the technological equipment of environmental protection through efficient financing and makes efforts to impel the total promotion of the development of energy saving and environment protection industry.

CMBFL takes the areas of utilization of industrial waste heat, sewage treatment, waste incineration and desulphurization and denitration of fuel gas as emphasizes and designs professional financial solutions targeted to the business models, such as contract energy management EMC, and BOT franchise, by adopting international emerging business models.

As of date, CMBFL has established long-term good cooperation relationship with many excellent enterprises of energy-saving and environmental protection, and has cooperated with a number of large energy-saving environmental protection enterprises for the purpose of jointly contributing to build a green China.

In the future, CMBFL will, on the basis of the emphasis area, vigorously explore the financing of supply chain of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, positively research and develop the specific solutions on the refined areas, such as energy-efficient lighting, food waste treatment, hazardous waste disposal and flue gas processing, and fully boost the whole upgrading of the industrial chain of energy-saving and environmental protection to make it as a new bright spot of the upgraded version of China economic.