Solutions for Equipment Manufacturing ...

Large equipment manufacturing is a strategic industry to CMBFL that it pays close attention to. CMBFL has been committed to provide comprehensive financial solutions to large equipment manufacturing industry so as to ensure its long-term - “based-in-China and serving-the-world” - development. CMBFL endeavors to be the strong promoter of large equipment manufacturing industry of China in its internationalization process.

After years of effort, CMBFL has been widely approved and highly recommended by the public in the field of motorcycles, automobiles, mining machinery, production equipment, electrical equipment and communications equipment and has accumulated strong professional skills and extensive project experience.

CMBFL has innovatively launched the vendor leasing model which, through the channel of distributor, provides financial solutions for equipment users in the whole industrial chain. CMBFL has successfully launched a series of cooperation with China South Locomotive Co., Ltd., China CNR Corporation Limited and other large equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Meanwhile, CMBFL takes the lead to explore and practice new financial leasing products to serve our equipment manufacturing enterprises to achieve the target of “going out” which is of great importance and value in the cross-border financial leasing of large equipment. CMBFL has successfully boosted the cross-border financial leasing to multiple regions including Europe, Africa and Asia.

Powerful equipment manufacturing industry is the fundamental guarantee for the improvement of China’s comprehensive state strength and the realization of industrialization. CMBFL has become an important participant and an active promoter of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, and will continue to innovate and support the rapid escalation of the equipment manufacturing equipment.CMBFL will explore all kinds of cross-border transaction structures and lay a foundation for global layout of equipment manufacturing industry of China.