Solutions for Health Industry Finance

CMBFL is the first financial leasing company which obtains a full “Medical Instrument Business License” license. Focusing on the long-term development of China’s health industry, CMBFL actively promotes specialized financial solution in serving health industry, which makes CMBFL the unique in providing financial service for the medical industry.

The Solution for Health Industry Finance of CMBFL covers the areas of hospital, medicine, pension, rehabilitation, etc., and it can help healthcare organizations rapidly expand the number of their devices, lifting equipment grades; Meanwhile, it is conducive to adequately alleviate the funding pressures of medical institutions in its daily operations; With respect to the infrastructure funds, it can greatly reduce one-time capital investment of medical institutions in the infrastructure, but put more money on medical research and other areas in order to achieve sustainable development competence.

CMBFL is committed to providing a full range of financial support for hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other medical institutions in all provinces and counties. Currently, CMBFL has already established good cooperative relationships with a number of domestic well-known medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Embrace Health, and lighten the future. CMBFL is willing to move forward hand in hand with various medical institutions to pour into fresh momentum for creating more high-quality healthcare services and enhancing the quality of national health levels.